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Simona & Rokas

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Besides being crazy about Lindy hop, both call themselves Swing Era dancers in general: Simona is in love with Authentic Jazz dancing, enjoys Slow Dance and Balboa, while Rokas is mad about Tap. What unites this couple is their big passion for St.Louis Shag dance. The first St. Louis Shag class they taught in Lithuania took place in March of 2015 during ‘All Lithuanian Weekend’ festival and since then they have been actively growing a small community of enthusiasts with intense local workshops and performances and starting to teach internationally as well.

Rokas and Simona coupled up in 2014 when they both started digging into St. Louis Shag. Everything started from a huge wish to expand their dancing abilities and try out something fresh and new. Rokas and Simona are dancing and teaching at Vilnius Lindy Hop club ‘’.