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Lina & Martynas

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Martynas Stonys is a leader in the Lithuanian swing dance scene. He combines fun, great teaching, dance technique and helps you enjoy dancing more than ever!

“My one and most important goal of every class I teach is to make sure my students have great a time, so they want to come back for the next one. They can’t improve if they don’t come back. I always try to make classes fun, starting with something basic, so less experienced students can catch up, and then adding more advanced movements and variations, so everyone learns something new.”

“I always make sure both leaders and followers receive the same amount of attention. Lindy Hop is a dance for two people. It is so much more fun when both partners are dancing, and not just leading or following.”

Lina began to dance in 1993. She tried many dances, but as soon as she realized that it is possible to dance with swing music – she began to dance swing dances. She has been dancing Balboa since 2009.

Now Lina is teaching local classes with Martynas Stonys twice per week and actively participating in Balboa events around Europe. The most important thing for Lina and Martynas is to help students become better dancers everyday, to give individual focus in small details to make the progress most effective.

Also she dedicates herself to keep Vilnius’ Balboa scene active and growing. Lina also is one of the organizers of Balboa & Shag festival in Lithuania – Swing Paradise. “I can’t live without dance. When I saw Balboa for the first time, I realized that it is the best dance for me.

It’s a very fun but also very elegant dance. In my opinion, the best thing I can do in my life is to teach people. Teach people to dance – this is the best of all.”